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Studio Meraki


We endeavor to develop a life-long love for learning, appreciating, and performing Western Art music in our students and to spread this love in their communities. We strive to provide students with the tools to become well-rounded musicians who can learn and explore music independently.

Classes Offered


AGE 5-8 

Half an hour lesson, twice a week for our young beginners.


Weekly one-on-one offline and online lesson for beginner and intermediate players.


A lesson with Sonam Lodhi for senior grade and diploma students.


For adults who want to fulfill their dream of learning to play the piano


• We are primarily a Studio for learning Western Art Music. Though we do indulge in popular music and jazz, it is not the main focus of our teaching.
• We impart music education to students from 4.5 years onwards.
• We organise group lessons, masterclasses and encourage participation in festivals and competitions at the discretion of the teacher.
• Though we do refer to the exam syllabi across various music boards, we are not exam-centric in our approach & feel exams may/may not be the right choice at a particular point of time. Progress cannot be measured in terms of marks or preparing 3 pieces for an exam.
• We expect students & parents to be committed long-term to the rewarding experience of becoming musicians.
• We develop a teaching plan personalised to each student’s individual goals and growth.
• We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s progress by supervising or keeping track of their practice. We prefer parents not to sit in for lessons unless required or discussed earlier.
• We use method books and supplemental materials from the wide collection in our library.
• We feel it is important to communicate ideas musically & play pieces with accuracy, understanding and research.
• Students are encouraged to listen to music and attend live recitals.
• Theory is essential to in-depth musical understanding.

Piano Concert Hall


Devika Naik Sharma 

Mother of Raina and Rehaan Sharma

Chartered Accountant 

Both my kids have been learning piano from Studio Meraki on the online platform for over a year. They enjoy their lessons and look forward to their classes as they’re a good mix of music, technique, theory and fun. Their teacher pays close attention to their abilities, interests and plans the lessons accordingly. They continually assess the childrens’ musical progress and give feedback to the parents. The studio has excellent teachers and they host a number of events, workshops and recitals throughout the year which gives the students a wholesome and positive learning experience.

Wishing you the very best always,

Rashnae Boyce


I have been learning with the Studio for approximately 3 years, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  

I personally feel that I am going to be with the Studio for a very long time and look forward to each new lesson that is being taught in the studio.

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Vishal Shah

Real Estate Developer

I would highly recommend Studio Meraki to anyone who wishes to pursue learning the piano. Sonam and her team work passionately, tirelessly, and innovatively to teach all their students in a way that peak their interest. It is a growing family of teachers, students, and parents and is a home away from home for my children and me.

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Studio Meraki Pune

Studio Meraki Pune

Studio Meraki Pune
Updated: 88 keys to Cinema: Studio Meraki: Day 1: 17th February, 2024

Updated: 88 keys to Cinema: Studio Meraki: Day 1: 17th February, 2024

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Updated: 88 keys to Cinema: Studio Meraki: Day 2: 18th February, 2024

Updated: 88 keys to Cinema: Studio Meraki: Day 2: 18th February, 2024

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Photo: from the movie Amaltash| Rianna Shah

Photo: from the movie Amaltash| Rianna Shah

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Piano Keyboard


415, 1, Somwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411011

+91 76660 88912

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