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Both my kids have been learning piano from Studio Meraki on the online platform for over a year. They enjoy their lessons and look forward to their classes as they’re a good mix of music, technique, theory, and fun. Their teacher pays close attention to their abilities, interests and plans the lessons accordingly. They continually assess the childrens’ musical progress and give feedback to the parents. The studio has excellent teachers and they host a number of events, workshops, and recitals throughout the year which gives the students a wholesome and positive learning experience.


Wishing you the very best always.

Devika Naik Sharma 

Mother of Raina and Rehaan Sharma

Chartered Accountant 

I have been learning with the Studio for approximately 3 years, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  

The studio and its teachers led by Sonam Lodhi are passionate, dedicated, hardworking and an incredibly talented group.  There are many music classes being taught, in the city what makes Studio Meraki stand apart is that they have the drive to bring out the best in each & every student, as well as fluidity in the way they teach.

The studio teaches many different skills that are connected with the piano like ear training, improvisation, and sight-reading while teaching popular as well as classical tunes.  Enriching the students with a very expansive repertoire.

The studio has managed to find the perfect balance between a professional and personal space where you learn to love music along with the studio family. The Studio through its annual recitals, various workshops, and other innovative lessons teaches the basics of music in a way that is interactive and fun.

I personally feel that I am going to be with the Studio for a very long time and look forward to each new lesson that is being taught in the studio.

Rashnae Boyce


My daughter, Roxane, has been learning piano under Sonam Lodhi for the past 7 years.

She always looks forward to her weekly lessons and loves participating in the various activities offered by Studio Meraki. We have seen her confidence on stage increase with every recital. The Studio comes up with innovative ways to keep the students interested in learning more about music and to give their best. 

In spite of the restrictions due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Sonam's dedication and effort shone through in the way she conducted the online classes and activities to keep the students' spirits up.

We would like to thank Sonam, Ajey, and the entire Studio Meraki team for the numerous opportunities they offered Roxane. We are really fortunate to be a part of the Studio Meraki family!

Tanaz Framroze
Dental Surgeon
Mother of Roxane Framroze

Sidharth has been learning the piano since an early age but his interest in the instrument deepened when he joined Studio Meraki. Sonam, Ajey, and the other teachers have been instrumental in nurturing his talent and helping him in his musical journey. He got an opportunity to learn with gifted pianists through master classes organized by Sonam. The studio routinely organized a variety of workshops that helped Sidharth acquire a well-rounded musical education. Studio Meraki has been a big part of his musical journey and he will cherish the experience for years to come.

Sonam, being a gifted pianist and performer herself, understands how to sustain the musical interest in children and nurture their talent. She does not only teach piano skills but focuses on developing a keen interest in music and in making sure the musical journey of the child is fun. 

The Studio also held a variety of musical events where Sidharth got to interact with other students pursuing music.  Even during the covid years, the studio hosted very creative musical events. 

Priyanka Thaker

(Sidharth Roy's Mom)

Occupation: Founder of an Edtech startup

Just over 3 years ago I was in search of a piano teacher for my children, to start their journey into the world of music. I received several recommendations for Studio Meraki and decided to meet Sonam. In the first meeting itself, my kids and I knew we had found the perfect teacher in Sonam and she was kind and gracious enough to take them under her wing despite her busy schedule.

Since joining Sonam, I have witnessed tremendous growth in my children both personally as well as musically. Sonam understands that each child is different and she pays special attention to their unique needs and ways. She is extremely compassionate and immediately puts her students at ease and creates an environment for them to thrive in.

As a parent, it has been heartwarming to see my children gaining interest in playing the piano as well as practicing regularly. It has been an incredible journey so far watching them progress from Book A to Book 2A. Every year the Studio organizes recitals to showcase the student’s progress as well as give them a platform to perform. It is a real proud moment to see your child go on stage and perform with such confidence and enthusiasm. The Studio also organizes a private recital for the family and friends of each student at the completion of every book, something that we eagerly look forward to.

The Pandemic has been hard for each one of us. However, it has been especially hard for artists and music teachers around the world. From taking every class in-person to suddenly not being able to see each other, there was a considerable void felt by students and teachers alike. I do feel the need to congratulate Sonam and her team for the way they have adapted to online lessons and the tremendous hard work put in by them for making a seamless transition from offline to online lessons.

Having seen the progress of my kids and how much music has helped them with other aspects of their lives, I too decided to take up lessons from Studio Meraki a couple of months ago. Under Sonam’s leadership, the Studio has grown to have several teachers who bring their unique skills to the forefront. My first Piano teacher Erika, is one such teacher who has made learning the Piano so much fun and interesting for me.

I would highly recommend Studio Meraki to anyone who wishes to pursue learning the piano. Sonam and her team work passionately, tirelessly, and innovatively to teach all their students in a way that peak their interest. It is a growing family of teachers, students, and parents and is a home away from home for my children and me.

Name: Vishal Shah

Occupation: Real Estate Developer

My son Karan grew from a young boy to a young man at Studio Meraki, not only as a pianist but also as a well-rounded individual. Sonam has been a constant support for him. Giving him a sound ear as well as pushing him to the best of his abilities. In a calm & caring way. 

He has been training under Sonam from the time he was 11 years old & still ongoing at 18. He loves being a part of Studio Meraki.

I love the enthusiasm & camaraderie at Studio Meraki. Been associated with them for almost 8 years. Seen it grow from a 2-teacher unit to a medley of teachers now. 

I've started learning to play the piano too!!  At the age of 46...Courtesy Sonam & enjoy every bit of it!

Thank you Studio Meraki for bringing music into our lives!! 

Devika Vohra
Mother of Karan Vohra

For me, it was important to find a teacher that I could relate to so that I could have fun whilst learning music. When I reached out to Sonam, she recommended a teacher based on what I was looking for. 

My teacher Ajey has helped me to navigate through my musical journey by encouraging me to try new ways of playing music and figuring out what works for me as an individual. I was pleasantly surprised to learn early on with the help of my teacher, that I have a musical ear! 

I love that the classes are well structured because this makes it easy for me to track my own progress. A good mix of theory with fun exercises makes lessons enjoyable. My teacher proactively seeks feedback and tweaks our lessons to suit my learning goals. 

In my experience, the teachers at Studio Meraki recognize that every student is unique.

 Rather than offer a rigid one-size-fits-all musical syllabus, they tailor to what works best for each student.” 

Lovina Raymond 

VP, Strategy and Transformation – Barclays

Sean was 5 when he first started his piano lessons and we’ve been a part of the Studio for a decade now! He didn’t go alone for class, he carried his dinosaurs, horses, tigers-- in fact one toy per class! Sonam Ma’am never stopped him. She made it a playtime learning experience. 

The reason why Sean has progressed is the teamwork here.  Sean feels a deep sense of responsibility and pushes himself more due to the belief Sonam Ma’am has had in him over the years.

Coming from a musical background we have made it so amazing to be part of Studio Meraki. The mix and match of competitions conducted where even parents could participate is a rare see. The way Sonam Ma’am has guided us to make sure that we encourage and support Sean in his piano was buying having several ones on one sessions with us, which definitely helped him be a better pianist. 

Milind Noel 

National Sales Head 

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