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2021 has been a challenging year but we’re so glad we have one constant companion in our lives- music!

We’re proud to say we’ve grown beyond the boundaries of our city and our country and we’re truly a global community now!

As you can see from the Newsletter, we try our best to include activities to sharpen various musical skills and make music learning fun. Over the years, through these events, friendships have developed and students have supported each other in their musical journeys.

While we don’t make participation compulsory, we encourage everyone to be a part of these activities so that they fully experience the joy of music and being a part of our Studio.

Female Composers Challenge March 2022:

Curated by The Playful Piano, the challenge was to listen to a piece composed by a Female composer every day in March. Students learned about the lives and heard compositions of 31 women composers right from the 18th century like Princess Friederike Sophie Wilhelmine and Anna Bon to contemporary composers like Germaine Franco of Disney’s Encanto fame and teenage music phenomenon Alma Deutscher.

Nicholas Pereira Scholarship 2022-23 The second Nicholas Pereira scholarship, named after Sonam Lodhi’s Godfather, was announced. The prizes were awarded in a unanimous decision of the Admin team based on weekly ranks, participation in Studio activities, interviews with teachers, and recordings submitted by the nominated students. Students who have been a part of the Studio since July 2021 were considered. Our top 3 rankers win a scholarship of 5% each for the academic year 2022-23.


  • Rehaan Sharma

  • Samyra Bilimoria

  • Zara Poria

Nominated Students:

  • Mukta Girme

  • Sanaya Bhattacharjee

  • Pragya Anand

  • Callen D’Silva

Trinity College London

Digital Graded Exam Results: 2021




Caroline Menezes

Grade 8

88- Distinction

Sean Noel

Grade 6


Saineeta Das

Grade 6


Nandita Menon

Grade 5


Roxane Framroze

Grade 5


Tanishq Khole

Grade 5


Zara Poria

Grade 5


Liu Runbang

Grade 4


Nishant Nanwani

Grade 3


Veda Kanstiya

Grade 3


Trinity College London

Theory Exam Results: 2021




Shauna Bhog

Grade 1


​Hiya Thacker

Grade 1


Nishant Nandgaonkar

Grade 1

96- Distinction

Vanshika Singh

Grade 2


Alina Mirchandani

Grade 3


Mukta Girme

Grade 4

81- Merit

Owlympics: November 2021

Taking a cue from the Tokyo Olympics, 2021 we held a 2-week long musical festival and competition. The participating students were divided into 4 teams who competed with each other in various musical competitions and activities to earn points for their team.

The Dynamic Pianists (Captain Aarmita Khajenoori) were the winning team and Mukta Girme(Double Treble) was the highest-scoring participant.

The prize winners were awarded medals and certificates.






Young Beginners

Rehaan Sharma

Sanaya Bhattacharjee

Samyra Bilimoria

Adult Students

Pragya Anand

Rashnae Boyce (Tied runners up)

Vishal Shah

(Tied runners up)

Elementary Grades

Shauna Bhog

Raishaa Ruparel

Sidesh Vijayamurugan

Intermediate Grades

Mukta Girme

Nandita Menon

Anuj Mishra

Senior Grades

Saineeta Das

Mohak Shamani

Roxane Framroze

Top 10 scorers:

1. Mukta Girme

2. Nandita Menon

3. Anuj Mishra

4. Rehaan Sharma

5. Nishant Nanwani

6. Raishaa Ruparel

7. Shauna Bhog

8. Callen D’Silva

9. Vishal Shah

10. Sanaya Bhattacharjee


With most of 2021 being online, on the 21st of December, Studio Meraki held their first Christmas party at the YMCA Poona for their students to interact with each other and their teachers face-to-face.

The Owlympics participants and winners were awarded certificates and medals.


Special Halloween-themed group classes were conducted online by our Teachers for our junior students in the last week of October. Games and musical activities were held and participants were awarded certificates.


Scales are the foundation of Western classical music. The objective of the competition was

to encourage students to brush up on their scales and encourage them to practice scales regularly and consistently to improve coordination, technique, sight-reading, and understanding of music.

The winners were awarded certificates and vouchers.




​Grade 7-8

Erika Doulton

Aarmita Khajenoori

Grade 6

Sean Noel

Roxane Framroze

Grade 5

Mukta Girme

Anuj Mishra

Grade 4

Arnav Gill

​Raj Punjabi

Grade 2-3

Shauna Bhog

Vanshika Singh

Grade 1

Pragya Anand

​Nishant Nandgaonkar

Virtual Recital for our Juniors!

On completion of their books, our junior students prepared a 20-minute virtual concert of their favorite pieces from the book for their family members and friends on Zoom.

Participants: Aaria Pundole, Anika Khapre, Avni Anand, Aydin Inamdar, Cyrus & Tiana Pundole, Divyana Naik, Kimaya & Rianna Shah, Kymaia Gadgil, Nishkka Shah, Mokshada Shah, Kiyaan & Samyra Bilimoria, Raima Sahni, Isabel Joseph, Rehaan & Raina Sharma, Sanaya Bhattacharjee, Sarah Jain.

Virtual Salon Performance:

Sonam Lodhi was invited to perform at an online recital organized by the Goethe-Institut Max

Mueller Bhavan and Alliance Française de Pune.

Zoom State of Mind: Online Piano Recital:

April 2021

A series of live piano recitals on Zoom were held on every Sunday in April. All our students performed for an online audience of their friends and families who joined from across the globe.

The recital series had over 50 participants and a total audience of over 400 people over 4 Sundays.

All videos are available on our Youtube Channel:

Sound of Music Medley: April 2021

The Zoom State of Mind recitals ended with a special video compiled and edited by Priyabrata Panigrahi (PANI Sound and Music) and performed by Sonam Lodhi on piano.

The video was a testament to a difficult year of online teaching, reminisced about our times together, and welcomed our new students. We hope for a time when we can create music together again!

A.B.C’s of Piano Teaching: 31st January & 7th February 2021

Sonam Lodhi, Rohan Sigamany, and Ajey Deshpande conducted a workshop for our future music educators on how to teach different age groups, effectively communicate with parents, design teaching policies, and stay updated with the latest teaching practices globally.

Participants- Aanchal Shah, Alina Mirchandani, Callen D’Silva, Insiya Lokhandwala, Mohak Shamani, Mukta Girme, Nandita Menon, Nishant Nanwani, Saineeta Das, Shauna Bhog, Veda Kanstiya, Zara Poria.

Women’s History Month Celebration:

March 2021

Women’s History Month was celebrated at the Studio to encourage students to discover works by female composers which have been largely unplayed and unknown. Every week in March, participants were sent the biography of a woman composer with short pieces to listen to and were asked to answer questions about the works along with a colouring page.

Composers studied: Amy Beach, Maria Szymanowska, June Armstrong, Clara Schumann.

Participants: Aanchal Shah, Alina Mirchandani, Armaan Shroff, Callen D’Silva, Kimaya Shah, Mukta Girme, Nandita Menon, Avni Anand, Raina Sharma, Roxane Framroze, Rianna Shah, Zara Poria

Summer Rhythm Fun: 8th May, 2021

A group class was held for our youngest musicians in summer. There were fun filled musical games and various activities organised by our teachers Nandita Menon and Callen D’Silva on Zoom.

From Composer to Virtuoso: July-October 2020

Our students embarked on a 3 month long guided composition project to create their own music and notate it.

To guide our students, we conducted three weekend workshops:

Workshop 1: 11th-12th July, 2020

Priyabrata Panigrahi conducted an introductory session on composition- what it means to be a composer, and different aspects of composition.

Workshop 2: 18th-19th July 2020

Rohan Sigamany and Sonam Lodhi conducted a session on harmony.

Workshop 3: 26th July 2020

Our final workshop was a conversation with Vineet Panikkar, the composer of Glup- a set of piano compositions dedicated to the students of Studio Meraki which were chosen as compulsory repertoire for Con Brio 2020. Vineet discussed his method of composition and discussed students’ doubts about creating music.

Composer to Virtuoso Recital: 17th -18th October 2020.

The culmination of this project was our online recital with 30 original compositions anonymously exchanged and performed by another student from the Studio. The recital received much appreciation from music teachers and global audiences.

Yuva Music Festival: August- September 2020

Founded by Maestro Surendranath Majumdar in Kolkata in 2014, Musicea Yuva Music Festival is a free and non-profit international platform for all music enthusiasts up to the age of thirty-five years. Guided by a vision of ‘Transforming Lives with Music’ and a mission to accomplish – “Music for All”, YMF has already supported and promoted thousands of young artists and musicians across India and the world.

Aarmita Khajenoori, Mohak Shamani, Roxane Framroze Sean Noel, Veda Kanstiya, Zara Poria participated in the virtual festival on Facebook.

Virtual Recital for our Juniors!

On completion of their books, Kimaya Shah, Rianna Shah, and Nisshka Shah prepared a 20-minute virtual concert of their favorite pieces from the book for their family members and friends on Zoom.

Composer’s Encore:

After the success of our “From Composer to Virtuoso” recital, some of our composers performed their own compositions for our online audience as an encore.

Saturday Morning Mystery: 5th September 2020

A group class was conducted by Ajey Deshpande and Vishwesh Majali for our youngest students with musical games and activities.

Participants- Armaan, Avni, Aydin, Kimaya, Mokshada, Nisshka, Raina, Rianna, Zidan.

Trinity College London Digital Exams:

Mukta Girme passed her Grade 4 practical exam with Distinction and Callen D’Silva passed her Grade 3 practical exam.

Beethoven 250: November- December 2020

Studio Meraki, along with the rest of the musical world, celebrated the 250th birth anniversary of one of the greatest composers in Western Music- Ludwig van Beethoven.

Students studied the life and music of Beethoven through different activities planned in November and December.

Beethoven 250 Festival on our Social Media:

Sonam Lodhi, Sidharth Roy, Alina Mirchandani, Saineeta Das, Ankush Salunkhe, Roxane Framroze, Zara Poria, Aanchal Shah, Callen D’Silva, Mayank Jadhav, Shauna Bhog, Kimaya Shah, Nisshka Shah and Rianna Shah prepared and performed compositions and arrangements of Beethoven’s most popular and loved compositions in the week leading upto his 250th birthday.

Beethoven Quiz:

A quiz on Beethoven was prepared on his birthday on 17th December.

Beethoven Bingo:

We prepared a list of articles, music videos and activities for our students to understand and appreciate the life and music of Beethoven.

The Life and Music of Beethoven:

A group classes was conducted for our senior students do discuss the life and music of Beethoven.

Our juniors participated in a group class to learn about instruments of the orchestra and Beethoven’s childhood, ending in a quiz about his popular music.

Active Listening:

A group was formed to encourage and guide interested members about how to listen to and appreciate Western Art Music. 25 editions of our Active Listening Newsletter were released this term discussing the history of music, musical forms, and specific works with recommended videos.

Andrea Dow shared our video!

Andrea Dow appreciated and shared our YouTube video performing one of her Christmas works with a global group of music teachers.

Beyond the boundaries of Pune:

With online lessons, we’ve expanded our horizons and taught students nationwide and abroad (currently the USA and Australia).

Christmas Gifts:

We prepared gift bags filled with Christmas goodies for our students and even sent over gifts to our students, not in Pune!



I have a Dream: Virtual Choir Music Video

Studio Meraki in association with Pani Sound & Music released a virtual choir video which was recorded and performed at home by our students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video was uploaded on our YouTube channel.

Andrea Dow’s certificates:

Andrea and Trevor Dow are avid bloggers, composers, and authors who are passionate about creating unique materials for piano teaching. Alina Mirchandani and Roxane Framroze recorded and submitted compositions by Andrea Dow to her. These recordings were appreciated by the composer herself. They received personalized certificates from her with feedback.

Active Listening: Formed 3rd April 2020

A group was formed to encourage and guide interested members about how to listen to and appreciate Western Art Music. Every week a newsletter is released discussing the history of music, musical forms, and specific works with recommended videos.

Around the World: 8th-9th February 2020 On the 8th and 9th of February, 2020, 43 performers of Studio Meraki along with 2 special guests performed at Mazda Hall, Pune in their annual recital “Around the World presenting works describing or written by composers from over 40 different countries. The concert was attended by over 300 guests. Our special guests were Rahul Bhardwaj (Baritone) and Dr. Sacheen Khirid.

To know more about our recital, refer to the articles published on Serenade- India’s first Western Classical Music portal.

Serenade report on Around the World:

Serenade about Around the World:

Christmas Recordings:

Armaan Shroff, Rianna & Kimaya Shah, Jai & Zara Poria, Mukta Girme, Nandita Menon, Shauna Bhog, Rachel Kale, and Mukta Girme along with their teachers Sonam Lodhi and Ajey Deshpande were given the opportunity to professionally recorded videos for Christmas covering a wide variety of ensemble music including vocals, piano duet, piano trio, keyboard quartet, and body percussion. These videos are uploaded on the Studio YouTube Channel.

Festival of Festive Music: 7th-8th December 2019

Sonam Lodhi accompanied both, the Stop Gaps Junior Ensemble and the Stop Gaps Choral Ensemble from Mumbai at the NCPA at the Festival of Festive Music at the Tata Theatre, NCPA.

Parvesh Masterclass: 29th-30th November,2019

Studio Meraki was honoured to organise a masterclass by Parvesh Java. Parvesh, the curator of many classical music festivals in the country including Con Brio piano competition and festival, is in demand as a chamber musician, conductor and piano teacher. Erika Doulton, Ankitha Deepati and Caroline Menezes performed at the masterclass.

Children’s Day: 14th November 2019

A group class was organized for our young piano students with games and activities on Children’s Day.

Goa concert: 3rd November 2019

Sonam Lodhi performed ensemble music in Goa at the Music Amongst Friends Concert with Parvesh Java (piano), Rahul Bhardwaj (Baritone), and Eshvita Menezes (violin).

Conducting Workshop: 30th-2nd November 2019

Sonam Lodhi participated in a choir and orchestra conducting course at the Goa University by Maestro Ariel Alonso.

Masterclass with Ferieda Havewala & Nakul Jogdeo: November, 2019

Erika Doulton & Ankitha Deepati performed at a masterclass with Ferieda Havewala & Nakul Jogdeo in preparation of their piano diploma exams.


Vineet Panikkar composed a set of 10 short piano pieces called ‘Glup!' for the piano students at Studio Meraki, Pune. The pieces were so well received and written that the have been made a part of the entry round of this year’s Con Brio piano competition.

The Last Colour

Our student and in-house sound engineer Priyabrata Panigrahi composed the background of Chef Vikas Khanna’s Film “The Last Colour” about widow- rehabilitation starring Neena Gupta. The film was in the running for the Oscars this year and won several awards and recognition in prestigious film festivals around the world including Cannes, Palm Springs and New York. Sonam Lodhi and Ajey Deshpande have played piano for the background of the film.

Masterclass with Maestro Paulo Tagliaferri:

24th October 2019

Erika Doulton, David Lalmuanpuia, and Ankitha Deepati performed in a masterclass with Paulo Tagliaferri, Principal organist at the Santa Maria Basilica in Rome.

As Time Goes By 5th October 2019 Sonam Lodhi accompanied the Stop Gaps Junior Ensemble at the “As Time Goes By” concert, to commemorate 85 years of the Time and Talents Club at the Tata Theatre, NCPA. The concert had performances by notable soloists like Boman Irani, Delna Mody, Dominique Cerejo, Pia Sutaria and other choirs from Mumbai.

Con Brio 2019: More Schumania:

1st-4th August, 2019

Sonam Lodhi performed at the 10th Con Brio festival this year showcasing the works of only women composers from the 11th to the 21st century at the Experimental Theatre, NCPA. It also celebrated the bicentennial birth year celebrations of Clara Schumann and Sonam was given the honor of performing the highlight of the festival-the Clara Schumann piano concerto. She also performed a set of songs by Amy Beach, with Rahul Bhardwaj.

200 years on Clara Schumann

Sonam Lodhi wrote an article for Serenade magazine about Clara Schumann on her 200th birthday.

Parent Act Recital: 21st July 2019

Our mid-year in-house recital had parents performing a wide range of ensemble work with their children at Furtados.

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