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2021 has been a challenging year but we’re so glad we have one constant companion in our lives- music!

We’re proud to say we’ve grown beyond the boundaries of our city and our country and we’re truly a global community now!

As you can see from the Newsletter, we try our best to include activities to sharpen various musical skills and make music learning fun. Over the years, through these events, friendships have developed and students have supported each other in their musical journeys.

While we don’t make participation compulsory, we encourage everyone to be a part of these activities so that they fully experience the joy of music and being a part of our Studio.

Female Composers Challenge March 2022:

Curated by The Playful Piano, the challenge was to listen to a piece composed by a Female composer every day in March. Students learned about the lives and heard compositions of 31 women composers right from the 18th century like Princess Friederike Sophie Wilhelmine and Anna Bon to contemporary composers like Germaine Franco of Disney’s Encanto fame and teenage music phenomenon Alma Deutscher.

Nicholas Pereira Scholarship 2022-23 The second Nicholas Pereira scholarship, named after Sonam Lodhi’s Godfather, was announced. The prizes were awarded in a unanimous decision of the Admin team based on weekly ranks, participation in Studio activities, interviews with teachers, and recordings submitted by the nominated students. Students who have been a part of the Studio since July 2021 were considered. Our top 3 rankers win a scholarship of 5% each for the academic year 2022-23.


  • Rehaan Sharma

  • Samyra Bilimoria

  • Zara Poria

Nominated Students:

  • Mukta Girme

  • Sanaya Bhattacharjee

  • Pragya Anand

  • Callen D’Silva

Trinity College London

Digital Graded Exam Results: 2021




Caroline Menezes

Grade 8

88- Distinction