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Piano Lessons with Ajey

  • 45Weeks
  • 2Steps


Ajey is a piano teacher at Studio Meraki, and has been a part of it since it's commencement. His musical journey started by taking lessons with Sonam Lodhi. He holds a grade 8 certificate in piano & electronic keyboard, grade 5 in Music Theory and grade 4 in Recorder from Trinity College, London.He has gathered 5 years of experience by teaching at the Studio and formerly at Furtados School of Music, where he took solo/group classes. He actively conducts and attends workshops, attends masterclasses to aid his pedagogy skills. Ajey is no stranger to online learning as he has been teaching online since 2017, to his students in India and abroad.He specialises in teaching beginners, teaching aural skills and improvisation. Many of his students have appeared for TCL, Rock & Pop, theory examinations. He is taking jazz lessons with Anurag Naidu in Mumbai. He recently completed an online course in jazz with Berklee College of Music.

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